A display of artwork for your business.

I like it when people who love animals as much as I do get a chance to see my artwork, but places to hang animal-related artwork are few. The opportunity to hang it in veterinary clinic waiting rooms, shelter entrances and the display areas of animal-oriented businesses such as groomers and kennels is a joy because I know that the people frequenting those places will appreciate the images, many of which are prints of commissioned portraits.

The comments I've had from people who have seen my artwork in veterinary offices is both uplifting and saddening, but always fulfilling. Visiting the veterinarian can be a sad or frightening time, and it seems that viewing my artwork in that venue brought some solace and entertainment to those who were waiting. In other businesses, seeing cats and dogs in poses befitting their character always brings a laugh or a comment.


I offer up to ten pieces of artwork ranging in frame size from 14" x 18" to 26" x 32"; smaller pieces are too easily knocked around, and don't fill enough wall space. Some are originals and some are prints; the originals are my personal collection, and the prints are made from commissioned portraits of animals whose owners were thrilled to know their precious animal companion would be seen in public by others who love animals.

I will hang the artwork with appropriate hangers, each with a 5.5" x 8.5" card explaining the story of the artwork and a price for the original and/or a print; this is attached to the wall with removable museum mount. I also place a single clear plastic display with brochures and business cards. All art is framed with glass, so I generally hang it a little higher on the wall so it's not easily bumped, but I avoid high-traffic or very narrow areas. I will stop back every month or so to clean any art necessary and replenish the brochures and business cards.

I simply require that my pieces are treated with care and respect. All questions and comments are directed to me so that nothing takes up valuable staff time; generally, people do this anyway. In the end, any sales or commissioned portraits generated from your place will add up to a 10% donation of the total to either you or the shelter, organization or program of your choice.


For feline images, visit "My Cats", which features works in pastel and watercolor, and be sure to also check the links to the images in pencil and block prints. You can also check "Commissioned Cats", though not all of these are available.

For canine images, visit "Commissioned Dogs". Not all of these are available, but at least a half dozen are available as prints, and two of them as originals—I actually did two portraits a couple of times and let the owner choose the one they wanted so that I could keep the other.

You can also consider an image from "Wildlife".

For feline photos, visit my photography area. Many images are also available as cards, almost all are available as prints; see my marketplace page. In addition to cat art, I'm also concerned abut cat issues, and animal welfare in general. Please visit The Creative Cat for what's up with my feline family and links to issues, products and information of interest to cats, dogs and their people, as well as wildlife. And even in their passing they are an inspiration. I don't have a page set up for each one I've lost, but please read about Fawn, Sally, Moses and Sophie.