Animal Portraiture.

While putting several subjects together in one portrait is a challenge when they are all the same species, when you start mixing them things really get interesting! Obviously many photos will be involved, but the typical difference in size between even a moderately small dog and any cat makes composition a little more difficult because there are always open areas.

But a portrait, human or animal, is not just a picture of the subject's physical characteristics, and this is where I really customize the portrait. An accurate portrait captures as much of the subject's emotional and spiritual traits as is possible, and this is true for animals as well as people. In animal portraiture, I endeavor to get to know the animal either by a face-to-face meeting or by interviewing the animal's human companion(s), then instilling as much of what I have gathered into the work as I can. Often it looks nothing like any photos given to me, and I take a number of intuitive leaps while I'm working, but I go where the portrait leads me, and in the end my subject looks back at me and I know I've gotten there.

This page contains as many of my commissioned cat and dog portraits as I have good photos for. This is also where I'll post the progress photos of whatever current canine portrait I'm working on. My commissioned cat portraits can be seen on another page, and commissioned dog portraits on another And I paint people, too.

For portrait pricing and terms and a demonstration of how a portrait is created, please see my Portrait Demonstration page. I've got one with multiple animals as a sample.

Click on any image to see an enlarged version.

Working With My Customers

In the end, any portrait means I work closely with my customer, often at an emotionally difficult time. I've developed lasting friendships with many of them, even long distance, and several have returned for another portrait. It's the part of this process I enjoy almost as much as creating a piece of artwork.

Visit my Portraits Demonstration Page

For portrait pricing and terms and a demonstration of how a portrait is created, please see my Portrait Demonstration page.

Download a Brochure

My brochure is a two-page PDF that half-folds when it's all printed out.

Gift Certificates

A portrait is a really unique gift, but sometimes you can't get the photos or you'd rather let the recipient design the portrait they want. I offer gift certificates for portraits in any denomination beginning at $125.00, which is the basic cost of a portrait. The certificate itself has a collage of portrait images with the recipient's and giver's names, printed on parchment cover stock; the whole thing is packaged in a pocket folder and includes a brochure, a letter from me to the recipient and several business cards. The whole package can be easily mailed or wrapped as a gift. Please contact me if you are interested in a gift certificate.

Other Commissioned Work

Of course, in addition to cats, I create portraits of dogs, and some people have both cats and dogs. I will also paint people or houses or just about anything else you have in mind, such as Veronica's Tulips.

For feline photos, visit my photography area Many images are also available as cards, almost all are available as prints; see my marketplace page. In addition to cat art, I'm also concerned about cat issues, and animal welfare in general. Please visit The Creative Cat for what's up with my feline family and links to issues, products and information of interest to cats, dogs and their people, as well as wildlife.