3rd street yoga

I have been working with this developing small business for several years. We designed her logo to begin with, and as business has grown she has requested more products, very fun and unusual. Please visit the 3rd Street Yoga website at www.3rdstreetyoga.com.


This logo, in warm, comforting shades of orange, features the symbol for the heart chakra and the text in the eternal circle, angled for energy.

business card

All those layers of soft orange are given dimension using a combination of flat print and thermography for this yoga instructor and teacher trainer.

class punch card

This business card-sized wallet card is printed on heavy card stock and laminated on both sides. The business owner adds a grommet to the upper left corner and has various punches for students' cards when they attend classes.


window and street signs


The client is a licensed teacher-training school and the board stipulated a certificate that could not be easily reproduced to give to her students. I used Joanne's two colors, blue and orange, and had them printed on Canson drawing paper, made them square, and added the touch of certificate number written in gold, and a gold stamp with the client's logo to add to one of the corners overlapping some printed area.


As the final piece of the client's new look, we redesigned the website to reflect the warm orange that's become her signature color, plus a series of soft, reflective images of nature from my personal stock of images. Please visit this client's website at www.3rdstreetyoga.com