association of allegheny county watersheds

This organization needed some display materials for the Pittsburgh Home Show and other trade shows and displays. Their goal was to educate the public about watersheds in general and the watersheds in Allegheny County in particular, plus the issues and activities that affect local watersheds. They decided to create five display panels to fit the unit they'd purchase and a fairly large version of a map of Allegheny County watersheds, then a brochure for vistors to take with them. In the process the large illustration on the Watershed panel needed to be completely recreated because it was just too low in resolution, and the Allegheny County Conservation District logo looked as if it had been copied too many times, so that had to be recreated as well. I contracted for all the printing and reproduction, and provided the customer with both the hard-copy materials and the files on a disk if they needed to use them later.

Display Panels

Watershed Map

Watersheds Brochure