andrew carnegie free library & music hall

My beloved local public library, the place I've been visiting all my life to read and take out books, do research, and just to hang out in big beautiful old building--it's now one of my customers. I couldn't be happier to use my skills and talents to help enhance the facility's image as it moves through its capital campaign to renovate for the first time in over 100 years.


post cards for performances

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my annual poetry reading and art show at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

Civil War Weekend event brochure

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The Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall has been host to a post of the Grand Army of the Republic since 1906, shortly after the building opened. I won't tell the history of the post or the GAR here, but the room is unique and rare-at one time there were about 7,000 of these posts where Civil War veterans met, now there are only about 7 intact, and this is one of them. The last veteran closed the door and left, and it sat for 50 years. We've been cleaning it up and readying it for display as it was shown in photos taken at the time it opened. For more information on the post, visit

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This design was a collaboration between the library staff and myself because the page is intended to be maintained by the staff. I designed the layout and stylesheets and placed the photos, but we met almost weekly for five months to determine the content for the entire page and train the executive director, library director and children's programming director to use Adobe Contribute. With the help of the current webmaster, all content was composed, organized and placed, and is currently being updated and maintained by Maggie, Diane and Erin, who had no prior experience in web development. Each of them deserves a whole sheet of gold stars for undertaking this novel approach to website maintenance, and I think we have one of the most informative and user-friendly library websites I've ever seen.

Online Photo Gallery

My part in keeping the website updated is maintaining the photo gallery. I finally gave it the overhaul it needed in organizing the galleries and making the picture viewing consistent. It now includes photos of all the past Civil War Expositions and photos of the Espy Post, everyday photos of the Library and photos of events and construction updates as the building is renovated.



I've been photographing this place forever, including performances and events. Please visit to browse photos, all of which are ones I've taken, even before I was formally working with the facility.