Of all the promotional items a business or organization needs, advertising is a variable; some outfits don't advertise at all because most customers come from other sources, other businesses have a standing advertisement that continues to find new customers. And not all advertisements are in print any more! Internet advertising has added another element to traditional advertising, and I've designed a number of ads that include animation!
I have these materials organized according to customer (sorry, little icons are not clickable--yet!):

My Three Cats & Co., Inc.

Animated ads designed for regular use on

Advertising Copy

My client had a chance to have "advertorial" for their products submitted to Cat Fancy's annual review magazine. They only had five products they could advertise, and the text had to be 100 words or fewer, including all descriptive information, including price and contact information. The magazine would only accept a limited number of entries, and all of my customer's entries were accepted. Here is one entry, but I have all of the entries on the My Three Cats & Co., Inc. customer page:

Premier Personal Healthcare

Carnegie Renaissance

Historical Construction Equipment Association

3rd Street Gallery

The Body Forum