allegheny land trust

I have been working with this organization on outreach materials for their AMD remediation project on their Wingfield Pines property in Upper St. Clair, as well as their newsletter So far we have completed a poster and informational brochure; post cards are in the works and possibly a few other items. I also created an illustrative diagram to describe the remediation project in all of the materials, taken from the site design and information derived from those involved. The design concept and design are entirely mine, as are the photos on both pieces. I began the process of writing for each of these pieces and the group finished it off. Please visit the Allegheny Land Trust website at


Story Illustration, Vistas Newsletter, Allegheny Land Trust

I edit and design this newsletter three times a year, and decided that this reflective commentary needed a watercolor illustration instead of a photo or electronic illustration to accompany. The content is drawn from reading the story. Please visit the Allegheny Land Trust customer page to see other products.

Newsletter Illustrations

We created a two-page spread in the newsletter, using illustrations to get the point across. I kept them simple and colorful, drawn in Sharpie marker so they wouldn't get too detailed. Hmm, though, how do you illustrate a sewer grate, or a detention pond when it's taken out of context...they worked okay in the layout, though. We ended up not using all of them, but perhaps to be used another time.

Join the Choir (singing the praises of land conservation), Allegheny Land Trust Appeal

This illustration was the brainstorm of the executive director, who said he'd like an illustration to be used in fundraising appeals for Wingfield Pines, one of their properties. The illustration should include a representative number of species who live on the property, all with their races raised in song, inviting others to "join the choir" singing the praises of land conservation. It's an ink illustration and I've added electronic color. Please visit the Allegheny Land Trust customer page to see other products.

Allegheny Land Trust Strategic Plan Executive Summary

Greenprint logo and related logos

In determining the organization's strategic plan for growing into the future, the ALT board of directors devised a plan for determining the best choices for land conservation. They named the plan "Greenprint" and we designed a logo using one of the methods of determination, the Venn diagram, which also became a logo in itself.

Venn Diagram Icon, Allegheny Land Trust Appeal

A Venn diagram is a common tool for determining priorities among a diverse group of choices. In this case, the choices were among lands that held special characteristics of water quality, biodiversity or regional character, so the Venn was designed to be used in two ways, with icons and with text, depending on context.

Stormwater Management informational brochure

Allegheny Land Trust Solutions informational brochure

Allegheny Land Trust poster for Wingfield Pines Remediation Plan

Wingfield Pines Remediation Plan Diagram, Allegheny Land Trust

We needed to take this highly technical plan for remediating abandoned mine drainage on the property and make the basic concept quickly and easily understood, creating an icon for the idea. I began on paper with an outline sketch, but as we began changing details of color and layout I decided to move to the computer where revisions are so much easier to make. Please visit the Allegheny Land Trust customer page to see other products.

Allegheny Land Trust Solutions Display

Allegheny Land Trust Informational Display

Allegheny Land Trust signage for Wingfield Pines

Event Materials

Thanksgiving Thank You Card

ALT decided to use an autumn image of one their conservation areas, Wingfield Pines, by ED Roy Kraynyk for the subject. Since beech and maple trees are most common around here I went looking for the perfect leaves to use in the lower left corner and used a rich brown background sampled from a section of oak leaves in the photo.


These black and white ads featured the Irwin Run conservation area that were just established or soon would be. The Land Grant Association ad was for an event program. The Courier ad was for one of ALT's board members who was honored for excellence by the Pittsburgh Courier, and Allegheny Land Trust showed support with an advertisement.