imagery print & promotional products

Sometimes I work for other customers who resell the designs I create. Usually these are print brokers or printers who don't have enough need of an artist to keep one on staff full-time. I am usually setting business forms, letterhead and business cards and other like products, and usually matching something that exists so my designs for these customers are not original, only functional so that they can be printed. Other times they are specialty products, like banners and buttons and pens. Also, I usually stay anonymous so that my customer's customer doesn't actually know who does the designing; a good number of the products on my other pages in this section that are not connected with specific customers were created for print brokers. Imagery Print & Promotional Products is based in New Jersey, though, so I'm unlikely to run into any of their customers on the street, though we may cross paths on the internet.


One of their more persistent customers is a chain of personal care/nursing/rehab homes under the group name of CareOne. In this highly competitive market, they've decided to literally stand out using banners, usually for the outside of a building though sometimes used indoors or even in a parade.


CareOne has ordered a few signs as has a local church.


Again, CareOne leads the pack with pins for their assisted living accommodations and for their Alzheimer's unit.

Photo Memo Cube

Here's a product that went out of style when removable adhesive notes (no brand names here) came in, but they are coming back in style for the fact that the memo cube generally sits in a prominent place and is used by the recipient, plus it's seen by many others so it's pretty effective advertising. The first panel is the imprint on every sheet, the four images are what is imprinted on each side.