my three cats & co., inc.

My Three Cats & Co., Inc. is my only current customer who pre-dates my Day of Freedom, January 1, 2000, the first day I officially began working at home full time, and is also, therefore, my only ten-year customer. There was still a bricks-and-mortar store when we began working together, and we built the first website at that time, as well. Since then, the website has moved to a level of merchandise that it would be more than I could handle, so I still do the fun stuff--advertising, illustration and photography, as well as compose articles for "Cat Chat" on the website.

About working with me Carolyn says: "My Three Cats & Co. Inc. has worked with Bernadette since 1998. We have hired Bernadette to partner with us on various website, desktop publishing, article writing, and print and online advertising initiatives. We have consistently been thrilled with the creativity and professionalism of Bernadette's work. Bernadette is methodical and careful in all aspects of her work, yet she is always 'thinking outside the box' for creative and yet practical solutions to our needs. It is easy to see why so many have admired Bernadette and her work. By the way, her portraiture of wildlife and companion animals is beyond compare."

My Three Cats & Co., Inc. product brochure, pocket folder and inserts

Carolyn wanted a way to reach customers who weren't necessarily web-oriented. We discussed various types of catalogs that could be mailed along with order forms, but products change all the time, and a booklet is major undertaking. A simple brochure of the most common products would work, along with individual inserts for featured products that might change. A black and white order form (not pictured) finished the product.

pocket folder

Because she only needed about 100 sets, I found blank pocket folders in small quantities and smaller sizes that could be imprinted, and made sure my local printer could print on them. The folders are cast-coated white, and have pockets inside with slots for business cards.

product brochure

This color brochure was an upgrade from the black and white brochure we designed at first, and gave me a chance to upgrade the "KittyLand" design.

  • "Catitude" photos and cover shot of Laurel Burch items are mine, other product photos were provided by manufacturer
  • "Kittyland" game is my original digital illustration, modified when product offerings change
  • letter-size tri-fold digitally printed in full color on gloss stock
  • based on the original brochure, below, which customer used as a self-mailer

    product inserts

    • concept and design are mine
    • images are either supplied by manufacturer or scanned from catalogs
    • third-page size digitally printed in full color on gloss stock


    • designed for Cat Fancy's annual review issue
    • concept and layout

    • designed for the Animal Friends' Black Tie and Tails benefit program
    • concept, copy, design and photography
    • click-through banner ad for website

    Animated ads designed for regular use on

    • so far I have designd a dozen of these ads that the customer places for a week or two at a time
    • ad must fit certain physical size and resolution specifications
    • animation cycles three times then stops
    • ad is accompanied by a few lines of text, and both have a link to a landing page on the customer's website

    • ad copy reads: " is proud to offer a selection of books that have been published by various author-members of CWA. You'll find everything from cat humor to cat health and behavior to cat stories of inspiration to lift the spirits of cat lovers everywhere."

    • ad copy reads: "If cats had money, they'd buy these toys! Hours of self-serve fun stimulates your favorite feline with the String-ama-Fling and the Cat Sitter Video, plus a special price on our ever popular Catnip Candy Cane toy."

    • ad copy reads: "Provide the best care and comfort for your senior cat with products designed with their unique needs in mind. CatSure, Joint Health and Woolies Cat Igloos are just a few products to choose from."

    Other animated advertisements

    Advertising Copy

    My client had a chance to have "advertorial" for their products submitted to Cat Fancy's annual review magazine. They only had five products they could advertise, and the text had to be 100 words or fewer, including all descriptive information, including price and contact information. The magazine would only accept a limited number of entries, and all of my customer's entries were accepted.

    • Simple, subtle and silver describes Anne and Jane Harvey's jewelry featuring stylized cat faces with round eyes and alert ears. The sisters have created curled cat, walking cat, cat carrying kitten and Siamese cat available in earrings, necklace or pin, or even a bracelet that strings them all together. Products range from $19.95 for small post earrings to $61.95 for the fun and charming bracelet. Please visit, call 412-388-0488 or e-mail

    • Cats Rule Bowls, Feeders and Mats are made of translucent, non-porous plastic resin with the look and feel of colored or patterned frosted glass, yet the safety and convenience of resin. They are dishwasher safe and laboratory tested and approved for food. The raised bowls are designed so senior cats won't strain or bend to reach food and water. All bowls and masts are available in a variety of colors and designs from "Traditional" to "Exotic", priced from $6.95 to $119.95. Please visit, call 412-388-0488 or e-mail

    • Cats Rule Litter Boxes, Mats and Scoops are made of translucent, non-porous plastic resin in five brilliant colors. They're comfortable for Tabby with high sides and back and ample depth for more surface area inside the box and room for even extra large cats to turn around. Choose your coordinated covered box, featuring the interactive Aromaguard® filter system and back pocket to hold a Perfect Litter Scoop, and a Perfect Litter Mat to pick up loose litter from Tabby's paws. Priced from $11.95 to $49.95. Please visit, call 412-388-0488 or e-mail

    • Kitty settles down at the window and sighs, sure that life is passing her by in the great outdoors of the backyard. Now you can safely let her enjoy fresh air and sunshine with Kittywalk Pet Enclosure systems. The systems feature mesh tunnels for deck, patio and lawn, a high-rise penthouse, even a section with hammock and awning so Kitty can repose in the shade by the pool, cocktail with parasol not included. Prices begin at $99.95 for 6' deck and patio enclosure. Please visit, call 412-388-0488 or e-mail

    • A woman's handbag is not only functional but makes a statement about the person carrying it, and the classic styling and quality manufacturing combined with Laurel Burch's colorful designs make this line of handbags a first choice for cat lovers. Featured is "Patch Suede Feline Friends Handbag" embossed with a cast metal "Fantastic Felines" ornament, 13"Hx3½"Wx7"L, $52.95. Also featured are two canvas bags, "Feline Friends" and "Indigo Cats", each $28.95--we also offer scarves and mugs with these designs for a complete gift set. Please visit, call 412-388-0488 or e-mail

    customer outreach post cards

    • concept and design are mine
    • images are a combination of customer photos, product images and my photos
    • press printed in black and white on gloss stock

    Kittyland text and game board

    Reminiscent of Candyland™, but different enough not to be a copyright infringement, I created the logotype and the board base. All the other elements were added in the graphics program to make for easier product changes later.

    Bogey's Letterbox

    Bogey is the "shop cat", and all mail directed to him went directly into his "letterbox". The illustration is in ink using a crow-quill tip, then color added later in PhotoShop.

    My Three Cats Welcome

    These are the three cats for whom the store is named, and when I originally designed the website I made a collage of the three images. Later we decided they should be decorated for the seasons and holidays.

    product photography

    Occasionally, photos aren't available for products, or Carolyn wants to do something special to feature the products so custom photographs are in order. We've used them for everything from the web to the catalog to advertising.