posters, signs and displays

Not quite the same item, but with the same intent--to inform the general public about something in a "big" way. These products have and extra "dimension" to consider in design--use and placement. Display panels are typically for a temporary installation such as a trade show, while signs are often for permanent outdoor installations, and the end use and process to create these materials needs to be taken into consideration from the very beginning of the design process.

I have these materials organized according to customer, and they are not to scale (sorry, little icons are not clickable--yet!):

Allegheny Land Trust Informational Display

Allegheny Land Trust Solutions Display

Allegheny Land Trust signage for Wingfield Pines

Allegheny Land Trust poster for Wingfield Pines Remediation Plan

My annual poetry reading and art show at Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall performances

Association of Allegheny County Watersheds

South Fayette Conservation Group Wetland Signage

South Fayette Township welcome signs

Carnegie Banner Program

3rd Street Yoga Window and Street Signs

Historical Construction Equipment Association poster

Imagery Print & Promotional Products Banners

One of their more persistent customers is a chain of personal care/nursing/rehab homes under the group name of CareOne. In this highly competitive market, they've decided to literally stand out using banners, usually for the outside of a building though sometimes used indoors or even in a parade. See the Imagery Print & Promotional Products page for other items designed for them.

Imagery Print & Promotional Signs

CareOne has ordered a few signs as has a local church. See the Imagery Print & Promotional Products page for other items designed for them.