unique products

Not everything is business cards, letterhead and websites. Promotional products with a logo imprint give a business something to leave behind with a customer, and sometimes a special product is needed because, well, it fits a special need, like a laminated membership card to be punched as used. These are examples of a few products that took a little extra time and effort to configure.

Imagery Print & Promotional Products Pins

CareOne leads the pack with pins for their assisted living accommodations and for their Alzheimer's unit.

Imagery Print & Promotional Products Photo Memo Cube

Here's a product that went out of style when removable adhesive notes (no brand names here) came in, but they are coming back in style for the fact that the memo cube generally sits in a prominent place and is used by the recipient, plus it's seen by many others so it's pretty effective advertising. The first panel is the imprint on every sheet, the four images are what is imprinted on each side.

Menu and Tickets

This one didn't fit in anywhere else, but it's a 5.5" x 8.5" menu for an event with matching 2" x 4" tickets. I used photographs of my own daisies in the production.

My Three Cats & Co., Inc. small pocket folder for brochure and inserts

Because she only needed about 100 sets, I found blank pocket folders in small quantities and smaller sizes that could be imprinted, and made sure my local printer could print on them. The folders are cast-coated white, and have pockets inside with slots for business cards.

3rd Street Yoga class punch card

This business card-sized wallet card is printed on heavy card stock and laminated on both sides. The business owner adds a grommet to the upper left corner and has various punches for students' cards when they attend classes.

3rd Street Yoga clear window signs

The customer wanted a sign that didn't block the view through the window, so we had this sign printed on plexiglas--the white areas of the sign are actually clear. We had holes drilled into the corners and used clear suction cups to attach it to the window.

3rd Street Yoga teacher training certificate

The client is a licensed teacher-training school and the board stipulated a certificate that could not be easily reproduced to give to her students. I used Joanne's two colors, blue and orange, and had them press printed on Canson pastel drawing paper trimmed square; it was the only paper that was exactly the right color. Each certificate had to be non-reproducible, though, so I provided her with gold pens and had a rubber stamp made of her logo and provided her with a gold stamp pad to be used in one of the corners, overlapping some printed area.

Rubicon Aviation training certificate

Certificates are pretty common things, but this customer wanted one that was unique enough that the students would want to display it afterward. The little airplane circling the logo before taking off gives the design a whimsical touch.

Rubicon tablet

The customer needed a tablet that was to be used in both his training classes and as a giveaway to customers. Knowing that the students would use up the tablet in class meant that lesser quality paper was a good choice, but for customers a better paper was more appropriate. In the end we had a larger quantity printed on thinner paper for students, and just 15 tablets on better paper (wtih more pages) made for customers.

Hollow Oak Land trust pocket folder and corporate package

The image fills the cover, and on the back I used a pattern that resembled their letterhead. Inside was the invitation and a cropped version of the waterfall image, plus a space for their business card, which is vertical. See the Hollow Oak Land Trust customer page for details on the rest of the package, including a brochure, inserts and a poster.

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall book memorial and memorial donation materials

An older version of this product existed, but it was an awkward size and the print was no longer clear; the product needed an update along with many other things at this facility as it is renovated for its second century of service. I made the products fit standard invitation envelope sizes while still keeping an antique look by using a Victorian-style font and layout for the title, a very traditional font inside, and a Victorian-style wallpaper pattern in the background. The pieces are printed on gold parchment, while the envelopes are an ivory that coordinates because parchment envelopes are a special purchase item.

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall bookmarks

Everybody gets a bookmark when they check out a book, so what better way to advertise the facility's hours and programs? As a giveaway a bookmark shouldn't break the library's budget, but neither should it look cheaply made. These were digitally printed in color on one side and black on the back, large enough to fit information but small enough to be inexpensive.

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall notecards

Small notecards are a traditional method of sending a thank you or other quick note, and people usually carefully choose one that has an image on the front or a message on the back that they appreciate sending to the recipient. These are both used by ACFL&MH staff and are purchased by patrons for personal use.

Genesis Pittsburgh Benefit Invitation

This piece was a gate-fold invitation. We began with a totally different idea and ended up with a photo of Pittsburgh at night. I have several of these photos, and I added other fireworks in the black area above so it would really look like a celebration.