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My Cat Has Become a Serial Killer
For more freestyle writing, about cats, animal health and welfare and my portraits at least, visit my feline-interest blog, The Creative Cat.


Spring is very inspiring for creative efforts; perhaps the bursting forth of new and renewed life had given my muse much to think about. I've been exploring the nature of living as a creative person, and the latest poem is "The Clock in the Bathroom". It will be posted on my poetry intro page for a while before it gets mixed in with "all poetry", perhaps being joined by another as the summer progresses..

short Stories

I finally posted The Evening Star, but The Rocking Horse will have to wait; I encountered an interesting plot turn and I need to see what happens.


It's volunteer, but I take it seriously--an article about native plants along our local trails for the Scott Conservancy newsletter.

I'll be working out a few articles for in the next few months.

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