Kitchen Items

Block-Printed Table Linens

Every so often I buy a length of interesting fabric and cut it into placemats, small tablecloths and table runners and even curtains. I also purchase canvas aprons for imprinting.

At my last inventory, though, I discovered I only had one curtain panel and some mismatched placemats! Once I print a few more items I'll post them.

Below I have the patterns I've used for printing. They include feline-themed "Tortie Cats", "Awakening", and also wildlife themes in "Yes?", the leopard turning around to look at you, and the "Whale Tail" series.

The Goddess

Cookie is the kitchen goddess and looks great on placemats and aprons, or to trim a table cloth or curtain. I've also been experimenting with heavy canvas floor cloths.

The Roundest Eyes

Kelly always looks a little uncertain about what's going on, but she looks lovely on the edge of a placemat or on a curtain or tablecloth.


I usually print these two in the center of a round table cloth.

Puget Sound

Block Print; 7" x 5"

The whales swim on the edge of a curtain or on a placemat, often sharing space with the whale flukes, below.

Whale Tail I

Block Print; 2" x 4"

These also fit well on a napkin.

Whale Tail II

Block Print; 2" x 4"

They share space on a placemat, too.


Block Print; 10" x 8"

One of my favorite sets is placemats and a tablecloth imprinted with her likeness, and she's also pretty imposing on an apron.


Block Print; 14" x 10"

The eagle works well on placemats, tablecloth and apron as well.

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