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everything is beautiful | photography by bernadette e kazmarski

Cats: In the Bathroom

The new bathroom is almost completed, and it’s really deluxe even though it's still barely larger than a closet, white and mint green and bright with a new slightly larger window. Of course, Mimi’s Children must try out everything new, and they’ve been involved in the bathroom remodel from the beginning even when they were locked in my bedroom for their own good.

The bathroom is their favorite room because they practically began their life in there–I moved them into the bathroom when they were just about three weeks old so they learned to walk and play and climb and destroy in that room; playing in the tub is a favorite activity, even as adults.

AhhhSunbath AmIHandsome BewareTheShadow
Ahhh...Sunbath Am I Handsome? Beware the Shadow
DoesntMatchMyEyes DontILookPrettyInHere EnteIfYoureReadyToPlay
Doesn't Match My Eyes Don't I Look Pretty In Here? Enter if You're Ready to Play
Everybody In the Pool Everybody In the Pool-sm-crop FamilyPortraitBeforetheTub
Everybody In the Pool Everybody In the Pool (cropped version) Family Portrait Before the Tub
GodImCute GoodPlaceForAQuickBath GreatPlaceToWrestle
God, I'm Cute Good Place for a Quick Bath Great Place To Wrestle
HeShootsAndScores HeartCats IHearVoicesInTheDrain
He Shoots and Scores! Heart Cats I Hear Voices in the Drain
IJustWantALittleSip IKnowImCute IdLikeADrink
I Just Want a Little Sip I Know I'm Cute I'd Like a Drink
IllHoldHisTail-YouGetAway ImHiding IsThisAGoodPicture
I'll Hold His Tail—You Get Away! I'm Hiding Is This a Good Picture
ItTriedToGetAway IveWaitedLongEnough JustChillin
I Like It This Way I've Waited Long Enough Just Chillin'
LooksLikeTheyreSerious MewsetteInTheTub MewsetteWeCanSeeYou
Looks Like They're Serious Mewsette in the Tub Mewsette, We Can See You
MoreCatsIntheTub NapForTwo NoMorePictures
More Cats in the Tub Nap For Two No More Pictures!
NotAnotherPicture NowWhat OhMy
Not Another Picture... Now What? Oh, My!
PleaseTurnOnTheWater StillNoWater SurelyNoOneWillNoticeMe
Please Turn on the Water... Still No Water... Surely No One Will Notice Me
ThisIsMyFavoriteRoom ToeCleaningInGreenAndBlack ToysAreBetterintheTub
This is My Favorite Room Toe Cleaning in Green and Black Toys are Better in the Tub
TubIsGreatforBaths VoicesInTheDrain WatchingFromASafeDistance
Tub is Great for Baths Voices in the Drain Watching from a Safe Distance
WereJustWatching WhatCatWrappedUpInARug WhatTheyDoWhenImNotAround
We're Just Watching What Cat Wrapped Up in the Rug? What They Do When I'm Not Around
WhatsThis WowWhatASnowstorm YouWantedToBrushYourTeeth
What's This? Wow, What A Snowstorm! You Wanted to Brush Your Teeth?
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