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everything is beautiful | photography by bernadette e kazmarski

my sister's daisies

I don't know what she did to get her daisies to grow so fervently, but I've never seen a display like this! Daisies have always been my sister's favorite flower, and I believe I either gave her seeds or actual plants form my yard several years ago. Daisies are biennials and sprout and grow one year, then flower the next. The originals were big floppy Shasta daisies that fell over from the weight of their flowers, but over the years they've apparently either reverted back to their closer relatives in our native oxeye daisy, shorter with stronger stems and slightly smaller flowers, a much better flower than the original. Last year she sprinkled dried seedheads in this bed next to her sidewalk, they all apparently sprouted, and here they are. Hold your mouse anywhere over the slideshow to see the title of the image at the top. These images and more are available as prints and notecards.

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