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pittsburgh, page 3

These aren't in any particular order because I think they are more interesting to look at that way. This is one of America's most beautiful cities, hardly "hell with the lid off" anymore, now a "big small town" as some people define it, cupped in the valley created by the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers where they form the Ohio. These photos were taken on trips to the city or around the city, including on riverboats, and feature both documentary images of the area and interesting views and details. Pittsburgh is so interesting that I created an entire art show out of a round trip busride into Pittsburgh and back called "100 West Busway".

Progress ReflectionsofArtHistory resting sculpture RiverLiver
Progress Reflections of Art History resting sculpture River Liver
riverside-buildings Roberto Clemente Bridge Sahside Slopes sculpture with water
Riverside Buildings Roberto Clemente Bridge Sahside Slopes sculpture with water
SixteenthStreetBridge Skating South Side Colors SouthSideBuilding
Sixteenth Street Bridge Skating South Side Colors South Side Building
spires stadium and riverfront stadium closeup stadium view best
spires stadium and riverfront Steelers vs Dolphins Steelers vs Dolphins
stnick-evening stnick-troyhill-2 StoopsandAwnings StreetTrees
St. Nicholas, Evening St. Nicholas and Troy Hill Stoops and Awnings Street Trees
Submarine SunsetOvertheCity Tees for Sale TerribleTrailer
Submarine Sunset Over the City Tees for Sale Terrible Trailer
The Bicycle TheLoversontheFountain TheMajestic To the Courtyard
The Bicycle The Lovers on the Fountain The Majestic To the Courtyard
TopLevelWindow Transportation TroyHill TwoLandmarks
Top Level Window Transportation Troy Hill Two Landmarks
Underconstruction Underpass UpRiver WaitingfortheBus
Under Construction Underpass Up River Waiting for the Bus
WarmandCool WatchingtheGameforFree    
Warm and Cool Watching the Game for Free
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