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everything is beautiful | photography by bernadette e kazmarski

Cats: The Stinkbug: A Feline Drama in Eleven Acts

The amazing four take on a stink bug that rode into the house on plants I had brought in during the autumn. It took all four of them to decide what to do, and even though they took aim for a swat, they usually stopped short, uncertain whether they should touch the stinking thing. Stink bugs emit a scent when they are threatened or injured that is barely noticeable to humans but must be reeking to animals with a sense of smell many times better than ours and right down there on a bug's level. This bug apparently played possum until everyone got bored—a little later I saw it hurry under a piece of furniture on the landing.

01-WhatsThis 02-WhatShouldWeDo 03-LetsSeeWhatItDoes
What's This? What Should We Do? Let's See What It Does
04-Slapshot 05-ItReallyStinks 06-BugsEyeView
Slapshot! It Really Stinks... Bug's Eye View
07-LetsAllStareAtIt 08-LetsMakeItMove 09-YoudBetterBeScaredBug
Let's All Stare At It Let's Make It Move You'd Better Be Scared, Bug!
10-LookItRolledOverOnItsBack 11-IThinkItsDead  
Look, It Rolled Over On Its Back I Think It's Dead
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