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everything is beautiful | photography by bernadette e kazmarski

Nature: vegetables

I've been gardening in my backyard for at least 25 years, but my hands are usually too busy tending to take photographs. Still, I have many more on regular old film, plus a number of black and white shots like the butternut.

basket of beans Butternut 1 Butternut 2 Butternut 3
Basket of Beans Butternut 1 Butternut 2 Butternut 3
Butternut 4 CabbageLeaves Cabbages Farmers Market
Butternut 4 Cabbage Leaves Cabbages Farmers Market
LooksLikeSalsa MarketSquareFarmersMarket Peas TomatoesandPeppers
Looks Like Salsa Market Square Farmers Market Peas Tomatoes and Peppers
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