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To each artist there is a subject which is constantly inspirational, which returns them to that inner self that creates and urges them to express that inspiration in their chosen medium.

Animals of all sorts, domesticated or wild or somewhere in between, are my biggest inspiration, and they've led me to express all the other visual inspirations I love. Along with my fine art I've created a whole list of gift items, apparel, wall art and household items to stock my store. I've just listed them below—please stop in to see them and visit, and through my art you'll get to meet my feline family!

(Note that the phone rings in my studio, not the store.)

Three finished portraits, new artwork and two girl cats for adoption, that's what!

Questions about a Backyard Wildlife Habitat?
Wondering about care for your senior cat?
Enjoy reading poetry featuring nature?
I've been having a great time with these! These topics and so many more are what inspire my artwork, and I look forward to sharing with you various subjects from the poetry and prose of nature to simple care you can perform for your senior cat or dog. I'll be presenting some of the topics, and others who are experts in these fields will join us for others.
Read below for more information.

Don't forget--I'm always working on a portrait when there's not an event!

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--My Latest Portraits: the Reiser Family, Clifford and Brody
--New artwork: "In the box" and two of Miss Cassidy and Elsa

--Angel and Rosebud, up for adoption, making a guest appearance on Wednesday, June 29—stop in an meet the ladies!
--Prints are still available: "Are You Looking at Me?"
Original Artwork, Prints, Individual Notecards and Mugs
SETS OF NOTECARDS: "My Cats in the Sun" and "Kitties Being Kitties"

BLOCK PRINTS: "Awakening" and "Tortie Girls" T-shirts, Tablecloths, Curtains and Mugs and more!
Feline Photographs
Original Artwork, Prints, Individual Notecards and Mugs
Of Whales, Eagles and Leopards, prints, T-shirts and textiles
Original Artwork, Prints, Individual Notecards and Mugs

Butterflies and bunnies in the backyard, and, oh, Buddy the Squirrel
Not-so-wild-flowers, natives in the backyard habitat
Small originals of local scenes
--I've got new artwork here!
Prints still available of "Birches II: Radiance"


“The Reiser Famly”, 23" x 21"pencil, 2005
Why pencil, you ask? That's what the client had been visualizing for the year or so we had been talking until they were ready. The two guys in the bottom front were the two originals in the household, and caused the adoption of all the others. Arranging a group like this can be difficult and often looks contrived, but this is a pretty peaceful family of cats and, although they really did not pose like this, it may not have been unusual to find them all together on and around the chaise lounge. Unfortunately, just a month after the portrait was finished, their little Angel, top left, lost her long battle with brain tumors. I'm glad I got the chance to meet her, and I'm sure her people will miss her for years to come.

I don't often get a chance to create a portrait in pencil, although it was my first and favorite medium. Don't get me wrong--I love my pastels and the challenge of creating a portrait in them, but returning to that simplicity of line and shape without the distraction of color can really illustrate the personality of the subjects. It also reminds me how much I depend on color when I have to decide how to portray seven different shades of green eyes without using any green at all. I've got a few new pencil works in my shop, too—see below.

“Clifford”, 12" x 12", pastel, 2005
Clifford's portrait was a gift from two friends to a third. As you can see, he's not any particular breed, but he is a happy, friendly ex-shelter dog who is also well-loved. The person who commissioned me had to sneak a few photos away and scan them to send to me.

This is an example of a small, simple portrait with just the subject in a typical position and a background color of choice. This position captures his most familiar features—his face, of course, also his chest and paws, the white tip on his tail, and the one ear that flops just a bit.

“Brody”, 10" x 12", pastel, 2005
Brody's portrait is a memorial, as about half of the ones I create are. Brody was a shelter rescue, even though with those beautiful blue eyes and luxurious fur he ought to have been a show cat.

Brody's owner's husband purchased a gift certificate for his wife because she missed Brody so much. After she found her best photos, she decided that she really wanted Brody's face, since it was what she remembered so clearly. So in this portrait, Brody's face is a little larger than life size, but all the details are present in a way that no photo has recorded.


“In the Box”, 9" x 10", pencil, 2005
That box is prize real estate in this house since someone is always in it. It started out as an empty box from file folders that I set down on the floor, and as if a magnet had pulled him, Namir was in the box. I discovered it was a great way to encourage them to move from my desk to another vantage point, so it sits on the table by the door; summer and winter they can look out the door. Sophie is a big girl with lots of fur, and she really does fit in the box, even if the corners split a little.

“My Little Girl” and “How to Have a Good Nap”, 9" x 12", pencil, 2005
My niece regularly sends me photos of her children, and while they are all beautiful I couldn't pass up these ones of Miss Cassidy and her kitty Elsa. Elsa knows the most comfortable place to sleep, especially on a child who is like a little living furnace. When it's time for Cassidy's nap, it's time for Elsa's nap. I pictured these in pencil from the beginning—Cassidy's curly hair and little pudgy face, especially the open mouth, the wrinkled clothing and sheets and pillows, and of course, Elsa's markings.


I've been calling them
"Peaches and Cream"
After their owner died, they were nearly euthanized. Here's their story...
At a loss for what to do with two 15-year-old cats, the woman's sons took the cats to be euthanized, but the veterinarian wouldn't do it because the cats were in good health and were very friendly and affectionate. I was contacted by the woman's neighbor, who has been helping clean out the woman's house, and upon hearing their story decided to foster them and look for a permanent home. They are sisters and have never been apart and never lived anywhere else. You would think that they would hate me, hiss and growl and hide in their room, but not these two. I've fostered plenty of cats in various states of health and temperament, and I've never seen two cats adapt so readily to change, and not only did they adapt well but they are pleasant and well-mannered and EXTREMELY social and affectionate. They'll make excellent companions for someone--and don't be worried about their age, because cats can live to 20 years or more. They'll be so appreciative of a good home, possibly more than a younger cat would.

who won the print: “Are You Looking at Me?”
Marsha and Gary, my generous friends from Animal Advocates, are the lucky winners of this print! While they are running out of wall space at home for new artwork, and they already have a few of my things, they may decide instead to use the print to benefit Animal Advocates in some way. This couldn't make me happier--I would love to know that a print of mine helped to raise money for any one of the city's shelters and for animal welfare. It was also Marsha who made all those catnip toys and, through her, Animal Advocates who donated the cat treats that I handed out at February's open house.

As a background on this print, this is the guy who started it all--and nearly the last one to have his portrait done! He fostered every stray kitten and cat I ever brought into my home, and shepherded me through the ups and downs of the fifteen years he was with me. More intelligent than many people I've met, friends of mine will remember him as the cat who opened the refrigerator door, took out a container, opened it, and helped himself to the contents. I've used his image in other works, but I've finally decided that the best depiction of his personality is of him being silly, rolling around in the sun and making sure I noticed how handsome he was. I call it a "classic portrait" because I chose to work it in the greatest detail I could manage, and it's rather large, 16" x 22". I have full-size and quarter-size prints of it as well as note cards. Mugs can be ordered, and I may actually have a few on hand for my open house.

An evening of information and discussion on a variety of topics from literature to cat care to backyard wildlife habitat development, these were inspired by the conversations I've had with visitors to Portraits of Animals since I've been open, and visitors to my table wherever I've been in a show through the years. These seminars will be twice monthly at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

I have a limited amount of space and topics are subject to change, so e-mail me to let me know you're coming. If I get too many people, I'll just do it again the next week! Cost is $5.00, and visitors will definitely leave with something, depending on the subject. Here's my schedule, and I'll have more details in my next update.

July 6, "Simple Palliative Care for Your Senior Cat or Dog"
My Stanley is 21, and Moses is 18, my youngest is currently nine years old. We've had a variety of illnesses in the years that other cats have passed and this group grows older, and I've found that there are many simple things to observe and do for your older cat, even if they aren't ill. More details on this in June when I schedule with a friend who is a veterinary technician.


July 20, "Native Plants in Our Area"
It's just about mid-season, berries and wild fruits are ripening, but you can still catch the last of some late spring wildflowers and the very first of some early autumn wildflowers. I'll have a list and photos of the most common wild plants you'd find sprouting in your yard and along roadsides and local trails, and I'll show you how to identify plants using a field guide. More details on this in June as the season draws nearer.

August 10, "Poetry and Prose of Nature"
Sometimes two lines from a poem can transport me to another time and place, or I'll carry a sentence from an essay with me. I love to share these literary inspirations from every source I've ever found--classic Greek and Roman translations, Old English poetry and song, Shakespeare, the Bible, and writers closer to our day such as William Wordsworth, Henry David Thoreau, William Carlos Williams and Mary Oliver, and the list will be by no means limited to these! I majored in English, and it's a handy thing to use that degree every once in a while. I'll provide you with copies of each of the pieces I read to you, along with a bibliography for where to find more.

August 24, "Natural Diets for Dogs and Cats"
Sure, I've known some people who've lived their entire lives on canned spaghetti and fast food and some dogs who've only eaten table scraps, but most of us, and our animal companions, can't get away with that. Beyond the grocery store there's a whole world of premium, organic, human-grade foods, and then there's the homemade raw diet. I won't be endorsing any particular brand, but I will be explaining the value of certain ingredients so that you know what to look for on a label, and know why your animal companion would benefit from that kind of diet. I'll also have friends on hand who actually make and feed their eight cats and three dogs an all-organic diet of raw foods.

Prints, notecards and mugs are available with most of these images.

After Dinner Nap
A Warm Bath
A Rosy Glow
The Little Sunflower
White Cat Reflecting
Waiting for Mom
Sleeping Beauty
Warm Winter Sun
Interior with Cat
Sunday Morning
Afternoon Nap
Winter Window
Are You Looking at Me?

These are available individually and in sets of four packed in a bag, or sets of eight and twelve in clear-lid gift boxes. Both are printed blank inside and include matching envelopes.

Bright sun on anything will inspire me, especially when it's shining on one of my cats, reproduced from original pastel drawings of my cats doing what they do.
After Dinner Nap
A Warm Bath
A Rosy Glow
The Little Sunflower
These pen and ink drawings are printed in black on natural recyclable cotton 80 lb. cover and are blank inside.
Big Game Hunter
I Like Your Spots
They Miss You When You're Gone



Quote reads: "'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.'--Anatole France. Dedicated to my prince and princess and all those since who've awakened their part of my soul."

"Awakening" is inspired by my close companions Kublai and Sally who ran the household together for about 12 years and who actually slept curled like this. Aside from the fact that they were both loving, friendly and social, they were complete opposites in the way they expressed this love and were as different in temperament as they were in color and texture as the loose reference to yin and yang illustrates. In their own ways they nurtured about 30 foster cats of widely differing ages and social abilities, just as they nurtured me in the years they shared my life. ("Kublai" is somehow derived from the word for "prince" in Sanskrit, and "Sally" is derived from the word for "princess"--Sarah--in Hebrew.)

Available printed black only or with hand-colored border, print only, matted with circular mat, or matted and framed.

I am unendingly inspired by my houseful of felines, especially those two tortoiseshell calicos.


"The Goddess"
Well, everyone knows a fat cat who knows she’s beautiful, and Cookie would tell you that a woman with a round shape was once most desirable and an object of worship.

"The Roundest Eyes"
Sometimes when I look at Kelly the only feature I can distinguish in all those tortie markings is her extremely round eyes.


I print the T-shirts by hand from a hand-cut linoleum block, leave a few printed only in black then and hand-paint a few others in bright colors with colorfast fabric dyes. Each shirt is unique. All shirts are 100% cotton, organic if I can get it, made in the USA.

The various textiles are printed on unbleached cotton muslin or fabric remnants that I liked when I visited the fabric store. I cut and fringe the placemats before printing, then print and leave some black and paint on others. The tablecloths and table scarves and other textiles are more random and each is different—sometimes square, sometimes round or oblong, scalloped or plain, depending on my interest and the scraps of fabric I've got.

Because of the nature of the medium, each print is unique and ink coverage is not always perfect. Most artists consider this random activity to be part of the process of creating an individualized print, and along with the hand-painting makes a unique wearable or usable work of art.

Have the girls greet your morning on these dishwasher safe, 11 oz. stoneware mugs with the story of each one, above, printed on the back of the mug. These are not printed by me but by professionals who do these things much better. Mugs come with a white gift box.

Kelly gives herself a complete bath every morning after breakfast on the table in front of the window in my studio, her every move full of purpose and industry. This is one version, but I did two, one with a decorative border (which I keep forgetting to scan). They are available as print alone, matted or matted and framed.

Too many to show on this page and more all the time...here are a few samples.


Prints, notecards and mugs are available with most of these images.

Wolf Howl
Shadow of Bison
Taking Flight
Blue Tuna
Asleep in the Snow
Gray Wolf

 A World Overhead


Block printed inspirations from the wild world.


She turns to look at you from a t-shirt or a print matted and framed on the wall.

Available printed black only or with hand-coloring, print only, matted only, or matted and framed.


Whale Tail 1

Puget Sound
Whale Tail 2



Birds in Snow
Jammin' Jay Blues


Biding Time

Too many to show on this page and more all the time...here are a few samples.


Squirrels and bunnies and butterflies, oh, my! Plenty more photographs where these came from!


Encouraging the wild things to grow welcomes the wild creatures—here are a few of several dozen.



a series of small sketches inspired by nature in pastel, watercolor, pencil and pen and ink from the trails to the backyard completed en plein air and indoors

Apple Trees on a Windy Day
  Barn in Settler's Cabin Park  
Spring Thaw

Carnegie Park Dawn

Carnegie Park Trees


Cloud Study

From Carothers Bridge





Birches 2: Radiance” prints are still available
ink and watercolor, 2000

I have finally made prints of this earlier work, the second in a series borne of my fascination for the beauty of birch trees.* It's a detailed pen and ink drawing with the leaves added afterward as watercolor washes. The original is fairly large, 22" x 26". I have full-size and quarter-size prints on hand, notecards and mugs can be ordered and may also be available for my open house.

*"Birches 1" is a little too far away to borrow back at this moment, and "Birches 3" is yet to be realized!





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